Hyeonhak Jeong

Master's student @ HCAIL.| Department of Computer Science, Univerisy of Seoul.


I am a master’s student in computer science. I’m currently working on password management software, computer vision, and web accessibility. I’m also a gamer in various genres, and was a medic for about two years in the army which made me interested in health care and self management.


Feb 20, 2022 Tripmate presented at HCI Korea 2022
Apr 15, 2021 MonoPass demo presented at IUI 2021


  1. IUI
    MonoPass: A Password Manager without Master Password Authentication
    Jeong, Hyeonhak, and Jung, Hyunggu
    In 26th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces-Companion 2021
  2. HCIK
    Designing a Trip-plan Sharing App Through a Design Thinking Process
    Jeong, Hyeonhak, Kim, Younguk, and Jung, Hyunggu
    Proceedings of the HCI Korea Jan 2022
  3. ECSCW
    Toward an AI-assisted Assessment Tool to Support Online Art Therapy Practices: A Pilot Study
    Seo, Woosuk, Jun, Joonyoung, Chun, Minki, Jeong, Hyeonhak, Na, Sungmin, Cho, Woohyun, Kim, Saeri, and Jung, Hyunggu
    Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Jun 2022